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Product Care

Product Care relates to purchases made on or after the 1st of August 2016.


This section should always be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions, provided to you at the time of purchase or available on this website.

Features & Benefits of Product Care

Unlimited Repairs*

Product Care covers all parts, labour and call out fees for an UNLIMITED number of repairs during the term of your plan.

Authorised Repair Network

Product Care will only use an authorised repairer network.


If you sell your product, or provide it as a gift to someone, your cover can be transferred to the new owner. Contact us to arrange transfer of ownership.

Easy Claims Process

One phone call or complete the online claims form and we will get the repair process started.

World Wide Coverage*

Subject to the Terms and Conditions, your Product is covered in any country where a Harvey Norman®, Domayne® or Joyce Mayne® store exists. These countries include Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Ireland, Slovenia and Croatia.

Food Spoilage*

Product Care offers up to RM250 food spoilage allowance for fridge and freezer repairs.

Lemon Clause

If Your Product costs more than RM1400 and has had two qualified service repairs and requires a third during the term of the plan, Your Product will be replaced.

New for Old Replacement

If the purchase price of your product was under RM1400, or if it is over RM1400 and we cannot fix the product, we'll replace it. LIKE for LIKE, SPEC for SPEC.

Exclusions under Your Product Care Plan

Your Harvey Norman® Product Care Plan does not cover:

1. Faults or failures covered by the manufacturer during the Manufacturer’s Warranty period;

2. Your Product if the manufacturer’s serial number is removed or altered;

3. Defects or design faults that are covered by the original product manufacturer or distributor whether or not through the process of a product recall;

4. Repairs carried out by repair agents that are not authorised by Us;

5. Repairs or replacements that have been organised without following the claims procedure listed in this document or without Our authority;

6. Except where expressly mentioned in these terms and conditions, costs associated with freight, transportation or delivery for Your Product;

7. Service call (diagnostic/service fee), repair costs or replacement costs where the fault is not covered under Your Plan or when no fault is found;

8. Except where specifically mentioned in these terms and conditions, costs associated with installation, uninstalling, dismantling, or re-installation of Your Product;

9. Costs associated with any failure that occurs during transportation, installation, uninstalling, dismantling or re-installation of Your Product unless by Our authorised repairer.

10. Consequential losses or damage of any type, including loss of enjoyment, loss of intellectual or sentimental value of Your Product unless specifically provided for in your terms and conditions, like food spoilage.

11. Costs associated with routine maintenance and servicing such as but not limited to cleaning, adjustments, top-up gas, lubrication, alignments, reprogramming, tuning or upgrades.

12. Costs associated with mandatory maintenance to preserve waterproof features of Your Product.

13. Batteries including but not limited to rechargeable, removable, replaceable and built-in batteries.

14. Accidental damage of any type or from any cause.

15. Accessories such as, but not limited to headphones, external devices, remote controls, microphones, cords and cables, additional game controllers and memory cards.

16. Mechanical or Electrical Failures of Your Product caused by;

16.1. negligence, accidental or deliberate misuse or unauthorised alterations;

16.2. liquid penetration;

16.3. external sources including but not limited to electrical interferences, power surges or voltage fluctuations;

16.4. infestations of vermin, pests, insects or animals including domestic pets;

16.5. cosmetic damage or accidental damage from any cause;

16.6. rust, corrosion, mould, condensation, evaporation, dampness, dust or change in temperature; and

16.7. wear and tear or gradual deterioration including but not limited to hinges, gaskets, seals;

17. System restore but not limited to operating systems and applications reinstallation

18. Repairs to/replacements of any;

18.1. consumables, including but not limited to batteries, fuses, filters, bulbs, globes, lamps, toners, drums, print heads and user replaceable elements;

18.2. monitors or televisions as a result of burned phosphor, screen burn or finger prints;

18.3. speakers as a result of overloading;

18.4. hardware upgrades added during or after the original purchase.

18.5. software, data or removable data medium caused by the Mechanical or Electrical Failure of Your Product, including firmware upgrades and malfunctions caused by virus.

19. If Your Product had a purchase price below RM1400, the replacement of any accessories in the original packaging which may include headphones, remote controls or external devices;

20. Any single claim amount which exceeds the Original Purchase Price of Your Product;

21. Any failure of Your Product to properly operate outside the Term of Your Plan.


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Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty is comprehensive cover from Harvey Norman. 


This section should always be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions, provided to you at the time of purchase or available on this website.

Features & Benefits of Extended Warranty 

No Unexpected Repair Bills

Harvey Norman Extended Warranty covers Electrical, Mechanical and Electronic failures. 

Parts and Labour Are Covered

Harvey Norman Extended Warranty cover all parts and labour costs incurred within approved repairs. Harvey Norman Extended Warranty only use authorised technicians to carry out repairs.

Its a Simple Claims Process

One phone call  to our friendly customer service team or fill out the online claim form and we will get the repair process started.

Worldwide Cover

Subject to the Terms and Conditions, your Product is covered in any country where a Harvey Norman®, Domayne®, Joyce Mayne® or Norman Ross® store exists. These countries include Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Ireland, Slovenia and Croatia.

Extended Product Life

Harvey Norman Extended Warranty offers 1, 2, 3 and 4 year terms.

New for Old Replacement Policy

If we cannot fix the product, we will replace it. This means a  "like for like" and "specification for specification" replacement from when your product was new.

Food Spoilage* 

Extended Warranty offers up to RM150 food spoilage allowance for fridge and freezer repairs.


Exclusions under Your Extended Warranty Plan

Your Harvey Norman Extended Warranty  plan does not protect against the following:

  1. Faults payable by the manufacturer, ie design defects etc
  2. Repair or replacement of a faulty product in any country that Harvey Norman does not have a retail store.
  3. The cost of transporting or delivering a warranted item to a place of repair or the cost of delivering a repaired or replaced warranted item to you in a country other than the country in which the warranted item was repaired or replaced, except as per item g. “Freight” under “What is Covered”.
  4. Dismantle or reinstallation costs.
  5. Damage occurring during transportation, installation or whilst moving the warranted item.
  6. Cosmetic damage (for example dents or scratches) or where the function of the warranted item is unaffected.
  7. Faults that you have caused, including your failure to properly service the warranted item.
  8. Faults that have resulted from wear and tear, including rusting or corrosion (with the exception of sulfur damage).
  9. Routine maintenance such as cleaning, adjustments, lubrications or alignments.
  10. Reprogramming or tuning & upgrades.
  11. Damage to, or caused by, software.
  12. Data recovery / transfers, Computer Recovery discs.
  13. Consequential loss or damage of any kind including power surges, power outages.
  14. Consumables (for example batteries, globes, elements, toners, drums and some print heads) and accessories (for example head phones, microphones, cords & cables, game controllers).
  15. Any fault that would not have been covered by the original manufacturers warranty.
  16. Malicious or accidental damage.
  17. Relevant costs pertaining to ‘no fault found’ diagnosis through from the repair agent.


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