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If you have any other type of query regarding your Harvey Norman Product Care Plan, please select Learn More.

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Make a claim

To make a claim you will need your purchase details handy to complete the claim form.  If you don’t have all your details, you may need to contact the store where you purchased your product.

Trouble Shooting

Before we get started, please complete these 4 troubleshooting steps:

  1. Is your appliance(s) plugged in correctly?
  2. Check the booklet that was provided by the manufacturer - are you able to “trouble shoot” based on the information provided?
  3. Check for any reset buttons.
  4. Does your appliance need new batteries? Or are the rechargeable batteries charged?
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product care
All purchases made on and after 6th November 2018
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product care
All purchases made between 6th May 2014 and 5th November 2018
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product care
All purchases made between 24th December 2010 and 5th May 2014
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product care
All purchases made after
24th December 2010.
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protection plus
All purchases made before
24th December 2010.
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