Dear valued customer,

The current Coronavirus COVID-19 is having an unprecedented impact on our economy and personal lives. Your safety and that of our employees and partners is paramount. However, please be assured that we have appropriate measures in place to ensure we can continue to service you as efficiently as possible under the present circumstances.

Due to safety measures adopted by government and business partners, we may encounter unavoidable delays due to shortage of manpower or available spare parts. We apologise that in circumstances where our customers are unwell, we may not be able to service you until a later date.

Product Care Team.

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Frith Service Contracts Pty Ltd

Country Code :  +353

Please Call :

Tel: 1800 200 503

Tel (NI): 084 5301 5409


Unit 85/86

First floor Boardwalk

Omni Shopping Centre

Santry, Dublin 9


[email protected]



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